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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about the services offered during the event. The section below contains everything you should know or might be looking for while preparing your trip. In case the provided information did not answer all of your questions you can contact us.

The Easy Tent Deluxe Individual is a tent for only one person. If you want to be two people you have to book an Easy Deluxe Double

No. For safety reasons, especially in big events we do not allow to plug anything inside the tents. We could provoke a fire or exceed the power grid of the event.

If the event offers breakfast, and you have booked a Deluxe Tent (Easy Tent Deluxe or Bell Tent), you will be able to access the breakfast buffet from 9.00h to 12.00h.

Easy 2pax:

78 in x 78 in x 51 in (length x width x high).

Easy Deluxe:

78 in x 78 in x 70 in (length x width x high).

Bell Tent: Circular of 16.5 feet width and 10 feet high

Emperor Tents, Oval 15 feet by 15 feet 10 feet high

Yes, if you have the same kind of tent. The first ones to arrive have to point it out at the reception so that we can coordinate the grouping of the tents. In the case of the Bell Tent, you have to send an email to at least 15 natural days before the beginning of the event

No, if you are 5 the best thing you can do is booking also an Easy Tent Deluxe. The one accommodated in it will have the Deluxe Tent wristband, so he/she will be able to access the Bell Tent Area. If the event offers breakfast, he/she will enjoy this service also

As a general rule, no. This service is offered by the event. Nevertheless, if we have electricity and good weather we always try to set up a space inside the Glamping Area for plugging your devices. If you decide to use it, it will be always under your own responsibility. We will not be responsible in the unlikely event of loss, theft and/or breaking.

As a general rule no, but we always try to be as flexible as possible. The Easy Tent and the Bell Tent have their own separated area, and every user should remain in his area. Services included in each area are different and their space is limited

Yes, Glamping has no restriction with food and drinks entering in its area. However, check the official campingsite rules from each event for not having any unpleasant surprise.

Generally not, but it depends on every event and special and/or specific circumstances. Check the map of the camping area of the festival on the website of the event.

YES, ALWAYS! You will not be able to access the Glamping Area without the campsite ticket. The Glamping Area is sited inside of the campsite. It means that you will have to pass the campsite control access, to get into the Glamping Zone.

The Glamping Area has exactly the same opening hours as the official campsite. We are not allowed to open before it starts and nobody can stay inside the Glamping Area once the campsite closes

No, in the Glamping Area only Glamping tents are allowed. We do not allow people outside FesTents to access the area or to pitch their own tents inside the Glamping Area.

Without the check-in form you will get into the Glamping Area through the slow queue because clients who made the check-in online have always priority. Besides, you will not be able to choose the size of the bed (in case you have a Bell Tent) and we will not be able to take your wishes to stay with friends into consideration, etc. In a few words: CHECK IN ONLINE!

Once the festival is over we will review the state of the tents. You are jointly responsible together with the rest of the people who use and enjoy the tent and its goods for any damage caused to them. You will have to pay the amount of the damages caused.

The buyer can exercise his withdrawal right during a maximum period of 14 natural days from the acquisition date, provided that the acquisition has been done at least 30 natural days in advance of the starting date of the event.

Of course you can. You can also bring coolers with ice and join people in other tents to eat and drink together. We always try to respect other people and throw the wastes into the containers to keep a good athmosphere.

There are locker service in all the festivals where you can leave your valuables. We have security guards that take care of your things, but we highly recommend to leave your jewellery, laptops and/or cameras in the lockers. We will be NOT responsible for the goods in case of theft or because raining or windy conditions.

To get into the FesTents Area you will need to show your wristband, which will be given to you at your arrival. There are two kinds of wristband: The Deluxe zone and the Easy zone wristbands. They are different to know who can access the breakfast area.

Normally our FesTents installation in an event has a number of tents set aside, for unexpected events. If you need to upgrade your tent when you arrive, remark it at the reception and they will charge you the corresponding amount if there are available tents.

FesTents breakfast is not served at all events, check yours to find out.
It is served every day of the festival from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and consists of:

Seasonal fruit
Coffee or tea
Toasted bread with jams

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